Email on Mobile: Android Device
Posted by Shannon Mattila on 18 April 2019 11:15 AM
There are many types of Android devices available. Please note that steps may differ depending on make, model, and software version. 

1. Navigate to your device's Settings > Accounts (may be labeled as Cloud and Accounts or something similar) > Add Account 
2. Select Microsoft Exchange (may be labeled Exchange, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, or something similar) 
3. Enter full NESC work email address and password, then select Sign In
4. It may take a few moments to retrieve data. It may give you an error message "can't connect to server". If it does make sure to modify the Exchange server name to Some versions of Android may have your username listed as domain\username. If it does, add before the \ in the username field. It should look like\username. Then click Next or Sign In
5. Open your device's built-in email application (typically simply labeled email) to view your emails.
Yours may look similar to the ones pictured below, but may differ in color depending in skins and software versions

NESC Login Information:
Account Name:
Email Address: (Your normal email address)
Server Address: 

Username: username (Your username/beginning part of your email before the "@" symbol. Ex. if email address is, enter jsmith)
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