Board Room - SMART Board: A Beginner's Guide
Posted by Shannon Mattila on 17 January 2020 10:38 AM
Board Room SMART Board General Information

The SMART Board is completely interactive which means the screen can all be controlled by touch. This includes when a device is connected to it. Devices can be connected via a wired connection via HDMI port/cable (NESC only provides an HDMI cable. The user is responsible for providing any additional cables or adapters to connect his/her device. Other port connections are available but will not be covered.), or wireless if the device is compatible. 
Some common devices that have wireless capabilities to connect to the SMART Board include:
  • Apple devices on iOS 5 or higher that support AirPlay
  • Android Devices on OS 4.2 or higher (Jelly Bean)/May require an additional app download
  • Windows 10 devices that support MiraCast
  • Chrome Devices that support Chromecast

The SMART Board & Device must be on the same WiFi network.

Change the WiFi connection on the SMART Board:
Navigate to Settings > Network > Current Network and switch the network to match the device (either nesc [secure/password required] or public [no password required])

Please note that if your wireless device does not show the Boardroom as an available display, restart both devices. To restart the SMART Board, press and hold the Sleep/Restart button on the control panel.

Control Panel
The control panel is located on the bottom left portion of the screen's frame. It has a Sleep/Restart Button (Tap to put to sleep or hold to restart), Input source button (switch between connection sources), and  Up & Down buttons (volume control or make selections up or down in menus)

Connection Ports
The connection ports are located directly behind the SMART Board frame on the left-side between the board and the wall.
Ports include VGA, Display port, Auxiliary, and 2 HDMI ports

Toggling on the Screen
To toggle between the current screen and other open pages or settings, click the black and grey menu bar in the bottom center of the SMART Board
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