Uploading Images to Yodeck Playlist
Posted by Shannon Mattila on 18 December 2018 10:30 AM

Yodeck: Uploading Images

Note: Monitor is 16:9 ratio so the below pixel ratios are suggested for highest quality (Width/Height):

          1280px/720px                                    1920px/1080px                                 960px/720px     

               ***These pixels/line are not required but simply fill the 16:9 ratio of the screen***

  • Navigate to and sign in.
  • On the Dashboard, select the "Media" dropdown on the left option panel, then select "Images"

  • Scroll to the bottom of the image list and select the green “+Add Image” button

  • Add the image information
    • Give the image a unique name
    • Add a description to locate it more easily
    • Tags: Tags are keywords used to search the images. For example, if you give the image the tag “Holiday,” if you search the term “Holiday,” then it will show up with any other image tagged “Holiday.” Give your image multiple tags so searches can be either broad or more specific. In this example, the image is a message to have a safe Labor Day weekend – The image is tagged “Greeting” “Holiday” and “Labor Day” and can be found by searching any one of those three keywords.
    • If you set the desired timeframe for the image to play. If it is a simple greeting with little text to read (10 seconds is a generally good timeframe. If there is a lot of imagery or a lot of text to read, upwards of 30-45 seconds should be sufficient)
    • Click “Choose” to upload the file from your local computer (a new dialog box will open to allow you to browse your computer files), then click “Open”
    • Under the Advanced Features, you may leave the “Play Since” & “Play Until” boxes selected to manually handle your image, or you may select dates for your image to play from. In this example, we will be leaving the settings default. Click the blue “Save” button on the bottom left corner.

Searching For or Locating Uploaded Media Files
There are multiple ways to find images as they become uploaded from the main “Images” screen. Please see  the options below:
  • Next to “Show” on the top left, select the dropdown to show any number between 10-100 images, or select “All” to show all images currently uploaded

  • In the top right, use the search bar to search for image tags

  • Simply scroll down to the bottom of the image list and select the arrow to go to the next page



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