Infosec Courses
Posted by Shannon Mattila on 16 August 2022 12:10 PM
NESC has partnered with Infosec to provide a comprehensive security training program focused on identifying and preventing security threats. NESC uses a combination of simulations and interactive modules provided by Infosec to keep employees informed in an engaging environment. The priority is to create a culture of security awareness through relevant training, reinforced by both offline and online communications. You may be asked to complete trainings and evaluations to test your knowledge. These trainings and evaluations may pertain to workplace and personal cyber security. 

Infosec Courses: 
Courses that are assigned to you will be determined by NESC's cybersecurity professionals in conjunction with supervisor input. All employees will be required to complete assigned training modules. 

Accessing Infosec Courses:

When you're enrolled in a course, you will receive a notification from with course details and deadline to complete. Click Start your training to continue.
NOTE: Please do not delete your emails from Infosec until you've completed your training course. You may need to refer to the link periodically until you finish the course. 

You will be redirected to your Infosec dashboard and will see a list of courses that you are enrolled in. Select Start Course

Once a course has been selected, you'll be able to view the completion status and a course overview before beginning. Most courses will allow you around 30 days to complete. When ready to begin, select the first course module. 

The first training module will begin within your web browser. Most training modules are around 5 minutes long; however, if you are interrupted or unable to complete the current training module, you can select the close icon (X) in the upper right corner to close the module to be completed at a later time. 

Your progress will be saved for the next time you load the course dashboard. 

There are no additional logins to access your Infosec dashboard. If you need to come back to access a course, simply navigate back to your original email to access the course link. You will also receive periodic reminder emails from Infosec with an access link throughout the course's life cycle of approximately 30 days. It is recommended to save the Infosec emails until you've completed the course so you can refer to the course link as needed.

Upon course completion, you will be instructed to go back to the course dashboard. If you wish to do so, you can download a .PDF format course completion certificate for your records. You will also receive an email confirming completion with a link back to the course if you wish to save the email and download the certificate at a later time. No further action is required.