Moodle Gradebook- Assign weights for each category
Posted by Tiffany Eck on 26 August 2010 10:54 AM
1) Go to the Grades link in your course and click on 'Categories and Items' from the 'Choose an action' drop down menu on the top left.

2) At the top of the list where you see the folder with your course name, click on the edit icon (hand holding a pencil). Set the Aggregation type to 'Weighted mean of grades' and Save changes.

3) Then scroll down to the bottom of the 'Categories...' screen and click 'Add Category' to set up your first category. This is where you can set up the weight for each category. Keep aggregation to 'Simple weighted mean of grades' for your categories.

Note that weights do not have to add up to 100 (but they can). The calculation will just give each category the proportion of the total.

Repeat these steps for each of the categories you want to set up.

4) Then - back on the 'Categories...' screen, use the up/down arrow icons to move each of the graded items into their appropriate categories. When you're done, each item will be listed below and indented under the category name.

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