Microsoft Office 2013: Save as PDF Format
Posted by Shannon Mattila on 30 April 2021 09:28 AM

Save As or Export As PDF from Microsoft Office 2013
Please note that the information outlined is based off of Microsoft Outlook 2013. Some steps may vary by version. 

There are multiple ways to save your Microsoft Office document as a PDF version. This tutorial will cover "Save As," "Print As," and "Export" options for a PDF. Microsoft Word will be used for the examples below; however, the steps will remain the same for the 2013 versions of Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. 

Index (Sections Based off Minimum Number of Mouse Clicks)

Section 1: Export (4 Clicks)
Section 2: Print (4-5 Clicks)
Section 3: Save As (6 Clicks)

Export Document to PDF

File  >  Export  >  Create PDF/XPS  >  Choose where to save and rename if needed (notice the "Type" is PDF)  >  Publish

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Print to Save as PDF

File  >  Print  >  Select Adobe PDF from Printer drop down  >  Print  >  Choose where to save and rename if needed (notice the "Type" is PDF)  >  Save

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Save as PDF

>  Save As  >  Browse  >   Choose where to save and rename if needed, then select PDF from the Save as type drop down menu 

Verify settings are correct, then click Save

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