FirstNet: Online Android Activation
Posted by Shannon Mattila on 02 June 2020 02:25 PM
Activate Android Phone Online

1. Insert FirstNet SIM card if you have not already done so (steps may vary by phone model). It is advised to wait to turn on the phone until the line is activated. 

2. Navigate to

3. Enter your cell phone number (If it is a new line, the number will be on the side of the phone's box) & NESC billing zip code (55768). Then click Continue.

4. Verify that the IMEI number shown matches the IMEI number listed on the box. Verify that the ICCID number matches the number shown on the SIM card holder. If all numbers match, then click Yes to confirm. 

5. Confirm activation by clicking Submit
  • A window will pop-up with a loading page stating "Activating your device(s)" DO NOT CLOSE THE BROWSER OR REFRESH the page while the activation is in progress. 
  • A new window will appear stating "Activation complete!" Now turn on the Android phone

6. The phone will go through an activation process. Once the activation is successful, select the language, agree to all terms and conditions, connect to WiFi if available (or select Skip to do so later). 

7. Enter Gmail account information (or create a new Gmail account if necessary). The Android operating system is made by Google and requires a Gmail account for application installs, etc... Choose settings and agree to any terms and conditions. 

8. Add any optional accounts. Click Microsoft Exchange to add your work email account. 

9. Follow the rest of the prompts to complete initial setup. 

10. Verify that your device is active on the FirstNet network. This should be found in your System Settings under Carrier information. The pathway may vary by phone model.
  • On Samsung Galaxy S9: Settings > About Phone > Status > SIM card status > Network should show FirstNet

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