Electronic Time Sheet Submission
Posted by Teresa Rautiola on 14 October 2020 01:06 PM

Electronic Time Sheet Submission

1. Open and complete your time sheet. I recommend saving as normal, as you can see in the upper right of the snip below there is gray writing indicating the file saved as Excel.

2. Click File on the upper left. Then on the left side click Export as shown below.


3. Click the Create PDF/XPS icon.


4. Save your file to the location of your choice, you can change the file name or leave it as is. The box for open file after publishing should be checked, the radio for Standard should be selected, then click Publish.


5. Adobe should open with your saved file. Click the Caligraphy pen icon and then click Add Signature.


6. The below popup will open, click draw, save signature should be checked, sign with your mouse and click apply. If you choose save signature, you only have to sign with your mouse once.


7. Your newly created signature will now be floating on your document, move it to the employee signature and click.



8. Click again over the date area and enter the date.


9. Once you have entered the date, click next. You will be prompted to save your document.



10. Click save. You can change location and filename again. Below is how I have chosen to save mine. If I were showing all file types you would also see a file with the name TimeCard-TnT_weekly03.22.20 with an Excel icon. I have chosen to save my signed pdf with just the appendage .signed


11. All that is left is to open your email attach your signed file and send it to your supervisor.