Windows Remote Assistant
Posted by Shannon Mattila on 18 March 2020 09:19 AM

Use Remote Assistance to let NESC IT Staff View Your Computer
Windows Remote Assistance lets someone you trust take over your PC and fix a problem from wherever they are.

Open Start Menu. In the search bar, search for: windows remote assistance. Open Windows Remote Assistance program.

In the Windows Remote Assistance dialogue box, select Invite someone your trust to help you

Select Use e-mail to send an invitation. This will prompt Outlook to automatically open a new e-mail message. 

The new Outlook message will have pre-inserted text. If you need assistance, please add in details about how NESC IT Support can assist. If you are away from your office, please include contact information that support can reach you.   
Send the email to to request assistance.  

Below you will see an example of the standard message. Outlined in red is an additional statement created by the user providing more details of how support can help. 

Once the e-mail invitation is sent, a Windows Remote Assistance will give you a password. DO NOT CLOSE this. An IT support member will need you to provide this password in order to log in and view your screen. You can minimize this screen and continue working until asked by an IT member for the password. 

When an incoming connection is made, you may be prompted to allow a particular user (IT support staff member). Click Yes or Allow to allow a trusted staff member to view your screen.
Accept any prompts to allow the IT staff member to access controls (ex. move cursor to open settings, type, etc...).

Staff members may utilize the Chat feature to ask clarifying questions and verify that the issue is resolved.

When the connection has been closed, you will be prompted that your Windows Remote Assistance session has ended.