Online Grades- Organized by Quarters
Posted by Tiffany Eck on 26 August 2010 10:06 AM
Click on the 'Grades' link in the Administration block on the left side of your course.

Then click on the drop down menu for 'Choose and action . . . ' on the left and select 'Categories and Items' (under the Edit heading). The screen that comes up gives you a vertical representation of the horizontally-displayed grade items in the regular Grader Report.

Click on the 'Add Category' button at the bottom and complete the screen that comes up to add a category for your first quarter. REMEMBER: the default calculation for the grader report is to 'Aggregate only non-empty grades' which means that the total percentage score for a category only includes those items that a student has attempted. If a student has simply not done certain assignments, they are not included as '0 points.' So a student could have completed only one assignment out of 10 and still have 100% if s/he got the full points on that one assignment. If you want to have the final percent completed reflect ALL the possible points in the category, you should UNCHECK the box next to 'Aggregate only non-empty grades' when you set up this category (does that make sense?).

Save your changes on this first category and then go back and set up a second category for the second quarter.

When you are back on the 'Categories and Items' screen, you should now see your two categories at the bottom of the list of grade items - they will each have a 'folder' icon. Then, all you have to do is use the up-down arrow icons next to each of your individual graded items to move these items into the appropriate category. When you click on the up-down arrow next to an item, you will see dotted boxes in all the places you could move this item to - select a location below the folder and name of your category - and then repeat for all your items. The graded items should now be listed below the category name and indented slightly.

When you get all your graded items moved into either your first quarter or second quarter folder/categories, you will now have a sub-total calculation for each category (for each quarter), plus a final calculation for the course as a whole.

You can now click the 'Choose an action' menu and go back to the Grader Report or use the breadcrumb trail to go back to Grades, to see the final - horizontal - result.
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