Telepresence - Connecting to Zoom Meeting
Posted by Shannon Mattila on 22 July 2020 01:05 PM
Updated January 2020. Please note that some features may vary as Zoom updates software. 

Note: The Telepresense connection requires the Zoom meeting to be hosted from a Zoom account that is subscribed to an H.323/SIP Room Connection Plan. Without this subscription, the connection cannot be made. 

Connecting to a Zoom Meeting on the Telepresence

1.) Log into a Zoom account at and create a meeting. Send calendar invitations as necessary. 
  • Take note of the SIP address on the invitation. This will be needed to connect the Telepresence at the start of the meeting. 
    • Note: This follows the format of

2.) When ready to begin the meeting:
  • You MUST start the meeting prior to connecting the Telepresence. The meeting can be started from any device that does not need to be used during the meeting. This could be started from devices such as a laptop, virtual desktop, smartphone, or tablet. 
    • To do so: log into the Zoom account, find the meeting, then click Start

3. Go to the Video Conference Room. Tap on the tablet to wake it up if necessary, then select Dial. Then select the keyboard icon from the pop-up to open the full keyboard. 

4. Enter the SIP address in the text box (this address can be found on the invitation. If the invitation is not immediately available, enter the Zoom Meeting ID followed by Then select Call

5. Finally, if the Telepresence shows a message stating "You are on hold," go back to the host machine and click the Admit button for user NESC-Admin.

6. After the meeting, go back to the host machine and select End Meeting.
  • You may be prompted to End Meeting for All if there are still participants that have not ended their session. 
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